How the colors affect us – second part - warmer colors

Warmer Colors

Colors, in the red area of the color spectrum, are known as warm colors and include red, pink, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.


Red, the most intense color, color of fire and energies. good for people suffering from fatigue and lack of energy. can stimulate love, passion, anger, and power.

Don’t wear red if you are angry or desperate, better when you feel very energetic.

In colorology treatment red is used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.


Orange, an energetic color, evokes excitement and enthusiasm, promotes activity.

Gives vital access and good energies to life.

In colorology treatment orange

 is used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.


Yellow, the color of happiness, captures the joy of sunshine, communicates happiness.

it strengthens and stimulates the intellect and intuition.

Being so bright, it’s often used in children’s advertisements to grab attention quickly. Yellow is associated with freshness and regeneration much like green. however, too much exposure to yellow can have negative effects.

Yellow in the right tone can spark creativity and wellbeing. Darker yellow is also used as caution signs on the road to give warnings to drivers. It grabs your attention and encourages a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety.

Too much yellow exposure can also cause forgetfulness and loss of focus. Yellow is powerful in the fact that it can overstimulate the brain. By doing so for long periods, it’s thought that it can increase anxiety and cause low self-esteem.

In colorology treatment yellow

is thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.


Pink, the calming color of love. associated with love and kindness, universal love, to love and be loved, boosts creativity.

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