How the colors affect us – 4th part - Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are colors that lacking hue, usually they are very light colors such as gray, beige and taupe (brownish-gray).
Neutral colors usually dusky in nature and may call “achromatic”.

Implications: Natural, timeless, classic.

Associations: Stone, sand, shell, coal.

White, a timeless classic color, the color of freshness, clean, purity, reborn and new beginning.

White, Contains the full range of colors and is often used to evoke a sense of youth and modernity.

It’s a neutral color that enables our eyes to rest, which is why it’s widely used in many fields, from interior design to web design.

white also gives off a pristine and hygienic feeling.

note: too much of it can create a sense of sterility , it’s generally recommended to combine it with other colors and  textures.

when it comes to rooms colors

*Brings calming effects.

*Makes the room feel more open and spacious.


Black,  has many different color meanings. On the one hand, it is seen as timeless and classic, as a sophisticated suit, for example, or the classic “little black dress.”  on the other hand, it’s also linked to pessimistic feelings of anger, loneliness and depression, as well as mourning in Western culture.

Black and Consumer Purchases

Many people often describe black color, as powerful, sexy,  mysterious, and even ominous.

which might be the reason, why black is  the most popular color for luxury vehicles.

Also many  brands opt for black as their iconic logo’s color of choice, as a clean choice that never goes out of style. (for example Nike, Chanel , Adidas, Puma and many more).

when it comes to rooms colors
• Best used in small doses as     an accent.
• Grounds your color             scheme.
• Gives depth.



Being on the scale between black and white, gray is an intermediate color, a balance between black & white.

when it comes to rooms colors

Grey is, the new “in” color

  • Brings comfort and warmth.
  • Completely versatile.
  • Timeless and classic in lighter shades.
  • Edgy and modern in darker hues.



Brown, the color of the earth, wood, sand, mud and many other elements in nature. This can bring people to perceive brown as warm, comforting, safe and reliable.

When it comes to marketing, brown can be used to craft a sense of trust and stability.

when it comes to rooms

  • Adds warmth.
  • Common with traditional décor.
  • Brings elegance and sophistication

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